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Hole Saws

A hole saw is a tool that allows you to cut through tough materials such as plastic, wood, steel, stainless steel, plywood, dry wall, cement boards, and even cast iron. It is the perfect tool for you to use when you have to cut through such materials in your house. Of course, if you are a professional serviceman, this tool will no doubt be your companion as you carry out your professional duties.

If however, you have not used hole saws, youve probably seen them around.  A hole saw cutter is a cylindrical piece of metal with directional teeth along the outer parts, and it is hollow. When it is attached with an arbor to a power drill, it cuts a rounded hole into the material against which it is being used. When used with the power drill, it can make a perfect hole in the material being cut, as the function of the hole saw drill is to hold it in place to prevent it from sliding across the surface.

The size of the hole you wish to cut is very important in determining what hole saw you will buy. The operative word here is the case fan size. You have basically three sizes to choose from

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